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C-IN2 men know that underwear is more than just a garment. It’s the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at the end of the day. You’ve got it with you at all times. That’s why we created the C-IN2 Zen collection. Made with a combination of rayon (derived from bamboo) and cotton fibers, C-IN2 Zen undergarments are all about balance between comfort and style.

Have a look at some of our colors, and you’ll wonder why you’ve been wearing black and white underwear all this time. From jocks to briefs, the C-IN2 Zen collection is specially designed to be both comfortable and trendy. With underwear like this, you’ll wish you didn’t have to wear pants.

The leg bindings on the C-IN2 Zen collection underwear are made of microfiber elastics. The elastic leg tension is adjusted for each different style, ensuring your underwear will stay in place.

For guys who want perfectly balanced shirts, we also offer C-IN2 Zen tanks, crew necks, and v-necks. Designed and colored to compliment the underwear, these shirts look great on their own or layered beneath outerwear. Forget the boxy, cheap feeling shirts in your drawer. With C-IN2 Zen apparel, you’ll have peace of mind and stylish undergarments all day long.

From the waistbands to the leg bindings, we put time, care, and thoughtful planning into the design of our underwear. The C-IN2 Zen collection is the culmination of hard work and high quality material from a peaceful environment. Put your mind at ease and embrace the comfort and style of C-IN2 Zen.