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Grip Athletic Performance

Grip Athletic Performance

If you’re anything like us, you’ve never been completely satisfied with yoga apparel. Either your garments are too loose, or they’re too restricting. We set out to solve that problem with the C-IN2 Yoga collection. Ideal for Bikram and Power Vinyasa, the C-IN2 Yoga collection is simply styled to allow for free motion with comfort and stability.

The C-IN2 Yoga collection pants have a wide elastic band for non-slip, adjustment-free workouts. Strip down into the Grip Yoga Short, a nylon based garment that will keep you cool and comfortable.

If you prefer more coverage, try the Grip Yoga Pant from the C-IN2 Yoga collection. It keeps a firm hold on your body with its elastic waistband while still allowing free, easy motion. The pant comes in a stylish Navy blue or an eye-catching Sunkist Orange.

The C-IN2 Yoga collection tops include a tank and a strong arm. Designed to give you stability and comfort without restricting motion, these shirts will go perfectly with your new pants.

Highly rated by our customers, the C-IN2 Yoga collection is popular for a good reason: it’s the best yoga apparel out there. Combining the style you’ve come to expect from C-IN2 with the support and comfort of athletic garments, the C-IN2 Yoga collection is considered a must-have.

Even if yoga isn’t your thing, you may find the C-IN2 Yoga collection fits your needs. Many of our customers have found it useful for martial arts, working out, or even lounging around the house. No matter where you wear the C-IN2 Yoga collection, you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it.