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Grip Underwear

Grip Underwear

The C-IN2 GRIP collection is the result of moisture transport research and high performance textile development. In past years, high performance textiles were made only of polyester fibers – which are perfect for performance apparel. Unfortunately, 100% polyester fabric feels terrible. That’s why we created the high performance C-IN2 GRIP collection.

The C-IN2 GRIP Collection utilizes a special treatment on the inner layer of cotton that transfers perspiration to the outside of the garment. This process keeps you dry throughout your athletic activities. Whether you’re working out, enjoying athletics, or just need that extra protection, C-IN2 GRIP is a collection to try.

Traditional cotton fabric absorbs moisture quickly and can become saturated, retaining as much as 20-40% more moisture than synthetic fabrics. It is this characteristic that limits cotton's ability to perform well in activewear and performance apparel products. However, the absorbency of cotton can be significantly reduced with TransDRY technology, resulting in faster drying performance. Cotton fabrics treated with this technology can be engineered to show a 2000% improvement in one-way transfer of perspiration to the outside of the fabric over untreated cotton and leading synthetics. We use this cutting edge TransDRY technology in our C-IN2 GRIP collection, ensuring our customers have the most advanced moisture-absorbing apparel available.

Not only is the C-IN2 GRIP collection perfect for the active man, it’s more fashionable than the high performance underwear you’re used to wearing. There is a range of styles including a trunk, brief, punt, compression short, cycle short, and jockstrap. The C-IN2 GRIP collection also includes shirts like our crew neck, a strong arm, and a long sleeve tee. Every item is designed to keep you looking good and feeling good throughout any activity.