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By partnering with us, you can earn up to 8% of referred orders.*

how it works

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Advertise your unique C-IN2 referral link and discount code.

3. earn

Earn up to 8% of the orders* that use your referral link and/or discount code.

See our Affiliate Agreement for more details.

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How will I be paid?

You will receive your payment 90 days after the sale via PayPal.

How do you handle taxes on commission payments?

You are responsible for any taxes associated with commission fees.

How much does it cost to be a C-IN2 Partner?

Signing up as a C-IN2 Partner is free. We will pay YOU when you partner with us and get us sales.

How do you track the sales referred by my page?

We have partnered with Goaffpro for our Affiliate Program.

When a visitor clicks the affiliate link on your page and makes a purchase at C-IN2.com or uses your unique discount code at checkout, Goaffpro keeps track of that sale.

Goaffpro will make reports on how your links and code are performing so you can easily track how much commission you're earning.

What products are eligible for commission?

All products available online at C-IN2.com, except for Gift Cards and Route Package Protection, are eligible.

For further questions, please contact us.

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