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Kickback Throwback. Big fan of this update on a classic design. A wide waistband comfortably rides high. Nicely placed straps around back end. Nice fit. Great colors. Sexy look.

Verified Customer

Not your little boy briefs! This was my first time buying the Throwback Fly Front Brief, and I love it! From its' retro design to its' classic look, the fit is better than any "tighty whitey" from the past. The waist sits much lower and therefore is much more comfortable than briefs you wore as a little boy! Great fit, no ride up.

Doug E.

A classic never goes out of style! C-IN2's new Throwback collection is inspired by the late 70's. A thick elastic waistband is paired with solid stretch cotton single knit jersey and white rib knit binding for a simply sexy look with a retro feel. From weekend plans to everyday wear, these undies can get down anywhere you are. Can you dig it, man?