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"These are one of the most comfortable underwear to wear everyday. Just like some the other reviews have said, the leg opening, construction, and colors are top notch. What I like about this line is the fabric stretch to your "junk" (front and back); just the right amount throughout the day, giving you the right amount of support."


"C-IN2 has cornered the market when it comes to comfort and sexiness and these briefs are the epitome of both!"


"These briefs are the most comfortable underwear imaginable. I've purchased many of the different colors and they are great."


"Well made and sexy are these trunks. I like the net like fabric, the cut and the trunk style. These trunks turn heads in the locker room. Aside from that, they are cool because of the breathable fabric. This is not my first pair of the scrimmage style and I will certainly be buying more."

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"Hey Guys!
Wow! These boxers are amazing and so soft. I normally don’t like to wear boxers because I need a little support, however; these are next level comfortable and not your average boxer shorts! They have a relaxed almost tailored fit that gives you room where you need it most. I have the freedom in the front yet I feel secure and supported. They’re breathable and made from a durable lux cotton fabric. These boxers also do not bunch up like other boxers I’ve tried in the past. I honestly forgot I was wearing anything at all. I need more!

C-IN2 is becoming my favorite underwear brand and can’t wait to try the NU Jock and others."



We continue to innovate with new textile designs to give our customers the softest fabric so you can stay comfortable in your underwear all day, whether you're in your office, at home, at the gym or out on the town.

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Your drawers will never be boring with C-IN2 underwear. Try out different cuts and styles offered in limited seasonal colors to show off your sexy side and personality.

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You're guaranteed a perfect fit! C-IN2's signature contour pouch was designed to give you extra room and support.

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